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Type in the Entry Number assigned to you, along with your password to login.
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If you forget your password, you can send us mail or email to request us to send you a new one (provide your name and entry number if you remember it).
The old password is stored encrypted and cannot be decrypted so we cannot tell you what it was.
After receiving a new password, use the "Password reset section" to change it to a choice of your own.

Password reset section
To reset your password to a new password, type in your Entry Number and your password above and type in your new password twice below.
Please type it and do not copy and paste it because if it is in error the first time it will match the second time and be changed to something you do not want.

The password you select must contain 8 or more characters, and must include at least one character from three of the following four groups: UPPER CASE alpha characters, lower case alpha characters, numbers, and special characters, in any order. The special characters are any other characters you can enter using the keyboard or the keyboard plus the shift key. If you have to press any other combination of keys to enter the character, it can't be part of your password.
HINT: An example of a valid password might be: SbHl^O5" (Random generated! Changes with page refresh.)

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